6 Black Teas for the Sensitive Soul

6 Black Teas for the Sensitive Soul

Tea is one of the things that never fails to comfort my little introverted soul. When I am stressed, tired, overwhelmed, grieving, or just relaxing after a long day, a hot cup of tea soothes and comforts me like nothing else can.

Plus, tea is packed with antioxidants, reduces the likelihood of strokes due to reversing abnormal blood vessels, and contains approximately 2 calories per 8oz. cup, so you can indulge guilt free. What’s not to love?

Through the years I have formed quite a habit, averaging 3-5 cups of this superb amber liquid a day. As a result, I have come in to contact with many great teas, and many not so great teas. Below is a list of my top 6 teas for your drinking enjoyment.

1. Tetley

Lovely tetley lea

Tetley is my staple, every day, as-essential-as-brown-bread tea. It is mellow and tasty and available in most grocery stores. Tetley’s black tea comes in two different blends, the Classic blend and the British blend.

The British blend is a little bolder than the Classic blend. I want to say it has more “tar,” a little more of a bite. One functional difference is that the Classic blend comes as a square bag with a steeping string, and the British blend comes as a round bag with no string. According to Tetley’s website, the string-less bag is for the purpose of “faster infusion and better flavor release” but in my experience it also means more burnt fingers, so consider yourself warned.

2. PG Tips

Tea pot drawing

This tea is quite bold and, left to its own devices, will brew very strong very quickly. I tend to prefer weaker tea, so anytime I make a cup of PG Tips I have to remove the bag almost immediately or fear its mighty strength.

Though it’s a stronger tea, it has a wonderful flavor and is available in bulk, so you can stock up and enjoy its boldness for quite some time.

3. Twinings Earl Grey

Twinings Earl Grey

Earl Grey is often cited as a favorite among tea drinkers, but I must admit I was late to the parade. When I was younger I didn’t care for Earl Grey at all. Its aroma struck me as too powerful and seemed a lot like drinking perfume. But thankfully I kept an open mind and it later become one of my favorite teas. I trade my Tetley for Earl when I’m wanting to switch things up for my morning cup of caffeine. 

4. Bigelow - Raspberry Royal

I tend to avoid herbal fruit teas like the plague because of their watery sour flavor, so I hold any tea with a fruit’s name in its title to be suspect. However, Raspberry Royale is a flavored black tea that I simply adore. With a little sugar, it’s almost like drinking a chocolate raspberry candy. I have trouble finding this tea in grocery stores and so usually only drink it on special occasions, but definitely one of my all-time favorites.

Raspberries in a tea cup


5. The Republic of Tea - Blackberry Sage

Blackberries on a saucer

The Republic of Tea’s blackberry sage is heaven in a cup. This is the most expensive tea on the list—running around $10-$15 for a canister of 50 bags—but it is worth every penny. I usually get this tea as a gift for the holidays and allow myself to indulge in a long-anticipated cup on Christmas morning. In fact, “Christmas in a cup” would be a great way to describe this tea. Its rich notes of sweet blackberry and mellow hints of sage infused in a pure, crisp tea is simply magic. I have a personal tradition of making a pot of blackberry sage on New Year’s Eve and having myself a little tea party as I reflect on the past year.

6. Bigelow - Lemon Lift

Lemon Zest

Also a Bigelow tea, Lemon Lift is one of my favorite teas to relax with at the end of the day. The aroma itself makes me feel taunt muscles loosen and relax. Though the word “lemon” is in the title, this is a flavored black tea and not in the slightest bit sour. Instead, it is flavored with a hint of spice that complements the taste of citrus perfectly. The combination makes for one of the best lemon teas out there.

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