10 Date Night Ideas for the Bookworm in Your Life

10 Date Night Ideas for the Bookworm in Your Life

While not all bookworms are introverts, they are all a certain kind of off-beat. And while the tried and true “dinner and a movie” dates are always a classic stand-by, the bookworm in your life may especially appreciate a slightly more bookish approach to date night.

If you are looking for ideas to delight your book lover, look no further than this list we’ve put together for your mutual enjoyment.

Book to Film Adaptions

Put a spin on movie night and choose a couple book to film adaptions to watch together.

There are many, many book to film adaptions rolling out of Hollywood these days. Below are just a few that came out last year:

A Wrinkle in Time


Red Sparrow

Love, Simon

Crazy Rich Asians

The Children Act

A Simple Favor

Beautiful Boy

There is bound to be at least one adaption your bookworm is interested in seeing, though be prepared for groans and bitter whispers of “that isn’t in the book,” and “seriously, what the hell,” throughout the film.

Bookstore Crawl

Much like the traditional bar crawl only without alcohol, loud crowds or hangovers.

Make a list of bookstores in your area and take an evening or afternoon to hit up as many as possible.

You are guaranteed to see some awesome new places, maybe even a new favorite you will want to return to again and again.

Read Aloud

Each of you choose a favorite short story or chapter from your favorite book and read it aloud to each other.

If you want to be extra gross, cuddle while you do it. The cuteness will be truly disgusting.

Alternate Endings

Take a book you both enjoy and each write an alternate ending. You may be surprised at how differently you both imagine where the story could go.

Use this as a catalyst for great conversation, or realize how incompatible you are and break up on the spot.

Book Signings

Many independent book store host author readings and book signings.

Do an online search for the book store events in your areas. You never know, one of your favorite authors may be headed your way.

Additionally, a lot of bookstores also host other events like poetry readings, live music, book clubs and discussions groups. Have a look around and see what you might enjoy.

bookshop front.jpg

Treasure Hunt

Set yourselves a small budget, $10-$15 or so, and hit up your local indie bookstores.

See how many books you can buy within your pre-set budget.

Then get some coffee and share what you found. Some real gems can be discovered on those dusty shelves.

Blind Date

Choose a book store to go to and each of you hunt down and select a book for the other.

You won’t know what you’ll be getting, so you’ll essentially be on a blind date with a book.

Choose a book that means something to you but your partner has not yet read.

You’ll both learn something about the other and have a lot of new topics for conversation.

Exchange Your Favorite Children’s Stories

Many people (and especially bookworms) have a special fondness or tender memory associated with a particular book from their childhood.

Exchange these books with each other, complete with the story about why it’s significant for you.

You can even include it with your reading aloud date night and read each other the children’s stories.

poetry room city lights.jpg

Book Fairs

A book fair is an incredible place for a bibliophile to be around people with the same literary ailment.

Rare book fairs are especially marvelous, usually hosting many rare works from dealers all over the world

Hit up the google to see if there are any fairs in or around your city for a lovely bookish surprise date.

Write Your Story

If you have a flair for the written word and truly want to do something special, write your love story.

Write it as it happened to you and be as descriptive as possible about your experience.

Then have your story bound and present it to your significant other as a gift you both can treasure as you continue to live out the rest of your love story.

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