9 Ways to Make Flying Less Miserable

9 Ways to Make Flying Less Miserable

For many of us, air travel is the epitome of misery. Packed elbow to elbow with complete strangers in a dense flying can is not exactly having the time of your life. However, some of the misery of this mode of transportation can be alleviated by taking a few mindful steps towards self-care.

Bring a Water Bottle

The humidity level of the air inside the cabin of a plane is only 10 to 20 per cent, where as the comfortable level for most people is 30 to 65 per cent. This lack of humidity in the air results in itchy eyes, a scratchy throat, and other symptoms of dehydration. While you are not allowed to bring more than 3 ounces of liquid through security, you can bring a water bottle with you and fill it up once you've passed through the check point. Having access to your own water will keep you hydrated on your flight, and will enable you to wet your whistle any time you need to, instead of waiting for the flight attendants to come around with the beverage cart. 

Listen to Music

Music can reduce stress, regulate your heart beat, and improve your mood, making it an excellent escape to turn to when the stress of travel starts to erode your sense of calm. Plus, if you have your own pair of ear buds or headphones, you can take advantage of any on-flight entertainment being provided.

Pack Smart

Pack anything you will need during the flight in the front pocket of your carry-on bag or backpack. Store it face-up under the seat in front of you, so anything you need in flight will be easily accessible without having to awkwardly climb over your neighbors, making mortal enemies for the rest of your flight. 

Leave Your Laptop at Home

If you're traveling for business or educational purposes this may not be possible, but if you are bringing your laptop purely for browsing and social networks, consider leaving your laptop at home. Using your ipad or iphone will not only eliminate the extra weight you have to carry with you, but will also make going through security quicker and less stressful by not having to take the extra step of removing your laptop from its bag and packing it up again when going through the check point.

Sip Some Herbal Tea

Tea is a blessedly wonderful gift for the easily agitated. If you are stressed or prone to nausea, buy a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea at an airport cafe before boarding your flight. Both teas help calm upset tummies and will also ease any anxiety you may be feeling. Not to mention tea is delicious and incredibly comforting even under the most trying of circumstances. 

Turn on Your Air Nozzle

It is standard on most flights to have an individual air nozzle above each seat. As soon as you are seated, turn this nozzle on yourself. While the air may not necessarily be cool, the consistent flow will keep you from feeling suffocated and will help ease nausea.


You don't have to be seated on a rock by the ocean at sunset in order to take advantage of the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing. Box breathing is a simple breathing technique that can instantly calm you, simply by inhaling and exhaling in counts of four. This article details how to box breath whenever and wherever you find yourself.

Bring Towelettes

Being in cramped, hot, and grimy environments while traveling can make you feel filthy and exhausted, further increasing your general misery. Having a moist towelette to wipe off your face and hands with during a flight can be incredibly refreshing and make you feel much better.


In addition to box breathing, coloring in an adult coloring book can also have a calming effect. Coloring slows our nervous systems down and taking part in a creative activity brings a simple pleasure to our minds. Not to mention if you are traveling with little ones it's an activity you can share together and both reap the benefits. 

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