Why You Need a Staycation Like Yesterday

Why You Need a Staycation Like Yesterday

Traveling is amazing. It expands your mind, inspires creativity, and gives you profound experiences you will treasure for the rest of your life. It’s also expensive, stressful, difficult to find time for, and hectic to plan.

The average person gets to enjoy so little time off that sometimes thinking about planning a big trip can seem overwhelming and exhausting. Those are the exact opposite affects a vacation is supposed have. So what do you do if you are in desperate need of a break but the thought of trying to plan a vacation sends you in to a vortex of exhausted despair? Meet my friend, staycation. A staycation is a vacation spent at home, and he has some great benefits he’d like to share with you.



According to a poll done by Gallop in 2013, 40% of Americans are sleep deprived, getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night when the amount recommended by experts is 7-9 hours a night. When you’re on staycation, you can catch up on some much-needed shuteye. Heck you can sleep in and take an afternoon nap. Go nuts. This is your staycation. If you want to spend it in bed, who’s going to stop you?


Time to Work on Art

This is perhaps the most compelling reason for creatives to take a staycation. When you’re working on a film, novel, album, painting, collection of poetry or anything else, having a block of uninterrupted time to dedicate to focusing on your project is essential. Unfortunately, a chunk of time is really difficult to come by when working full time, especially if you have other obligations to consider. Taking a staycation to work on your art is incredibly fulfilling, especially if you are able to finish your project by the time you go back to work.


Opportunity to Enjoy Your Home City


It’s amazing how the most incredible things can be taken for granted if you spend enough time around them. You may live only 15 minutes from the ocean and yet only go to the water once or twice all year. Taking a staycation can give you time to enjoy the wonderful things in your own backyard that you never have time to explore.



Have a home project you’ve wanted to work on forever? Have you been wanting to plant a rose garden? Re-furnish an antique chair? Catch up on two months of laundry? Finally change the light bulb in the garage? You are well-rested and energized from your staycation, so your house is in for a major spit-n-shine. Housework can even become pleasant when it isn’t being frantically stuffed between the cracks of a chaotic work schedule. Enjoy the little things.


Quiet Mornings

Few things are more delightful than a quiet morning on the porch with a warm cup of your favorite beverage. No traffic. No schedule. Just soak in the sun to your heart’s content and let the day unfold slowly around you.



You now have ample time to read the stack of books that’s been threatening to topple your nightstand. If you’re in need of some new reading material, hop over to your local bookstore and pick up one of these 10 Classics So Short You Can Read Them in a Weekend.

reading in bed.jpg

Catch Up with Friends

Schedule time for lunch or a drink with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. Call up a long distance friend and settle in for a long conversation. You don’t have to go to work tomorrow. You can talk all night if you want.


Who says you have to leave the house to have an amazing time? Stay in, sleep in, rest, and create. The Bahamas will still be there next summer.  

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