6 Ways to Be More Successful at Work

6 Ways to Be More Successful at Work

It's easy to fall in to a working routine that is painfully predictable. Typically it begins with stumbling in to the office, exchanging pleasantries with the receptionist, grabbing a cup of joe, opening your inbox, and attempting to be productive the rest of the day.

As the weeks pass by it can begin to feel as though you are constantly doing things, but not accomplishing much. What changes can you make to turn that routine in to a springboard for success?

Be Observant

So much value can come of simply being mindful and aware of your workplace and the dynamics that happen there. Being observant will make you conscious of potential issues before they arise and/or opportunities for better approaches that will allow your business to grow and yourself to thrive.

Take Action

Anything you observe will accomplish nothing if it is laying idle inside your mind. Take appropriate action on your observations. Finding the line between initiative and over-stepping can be a tad tricky at times, but taking what you have mindfully observed and acting on it could save your boss some headaches down the line and earn you lots of appreciation from your superiors. Take care of the problem before it's a problem. 

Work Smarter, Not Longer

Studies have found that employees working more than 50 hours a week actually do not accomplish any more than those who work 40 hours a week. We are people, not computers, and we need time to rest, re-charge, and participate in leisure activities. Knowing this can help you plan for optimal productivity in your working day. Stay organized, prioritize more urgent tasks first, and take frequent breaks to keep your concentration focused. 

Listen to Others

The ability to communicate effectively is the cornerstone of success in nearly every area of life, and good communication starts with listening. Listen to the talk around the water cooler, the goals your manager is trying to reach, the new ideas pitched in meetings. Listen to understand, not just respond, and watch your success grow as communication becomes easier and productivity increases. 


Ask questions about things you don't understand. Ask for a raise. Ask for a meeting. So much is possible on the other side of a question. Be confident in your abilities and honest about how you can grow. Like attracts like, and questions that come from a sincere and respectful place will often be met with sincerity and respect in return. Additionally, you will be perceived as someone who takes their job seriously and wants to flourish in their position.

Share Your Ideas

There is a reason your company hired you. In the current competitive job market, you stood out among the hundreds of applicants because your managers saw something different in you. Your ideas are valuable to your team and to your role in the workplace. Don't be shy about sharing them. 


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